Who needs Foot Care?

Proper foot care is important for people at a certain age or state of health. People that are at high risk for major foot complications are those who have diabetes. Small blisters and cuts can turn into something serious if not treated in time and properly.

Prevention and proper care is a key to long-term health for people who have issues with their feet. For people who do not have diabetes but are unable to care for their feet on their own, we also recommend they call us.

About Us

At 3G Foot Care we take care and worry for the health of your feet, so you don’t have to.

Our caring, experienced foot nurse carefully treats current problems of the feet and prevents other ones from forming. We make sure to have your foot appointments affordable and fit your schedule as much as possible.

Sanitation Of Tools

The tools used are always properly sterilized after being used to provide care for one’s feet, proper hygiene is also maintained to prevent the spreading of infection.

Hours of Operation

We make appointments according to the time of your convenience.